2018 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII Brochure Images out


The new 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom flagship luxury sedan has been leaked. The images, which were leaked in China from what appears to be a snapshot of a brochure, showcases the design language that the BMW owned luxury car maker Rolls Royce has chosen. As per Rolls Royce ritual, the new Phantom VIII (Phantom 8) has accepted a very evolutionary design language. The in-your-face and flat design language continues to dominate the Phantom’s facia. The car still gets the bigger 24-slat grille that have been a standard feature on all the top spec Rolls-Royces across the years instead of the smaller 22-slat grille that the other relatively cheaper cars like the Ghost gets.


The particular car seems to be highly customized with a two tone paintjob option and is finished in silver and blue. Considering past Phantoms, the new Phantom 8 will also get the option to have the bonnet finished in brushed aluminum (a feature exclusive available on top spec cars only). Other changes include a much aggressive looking front bumper as associated to the outgoing car. The bumper also features a set of larger vents to cool the massive V12 engine under the hood. The new 2018 Phantom VIII also features a new set of wheels that are much understated in typically Rolls Royce fashion. Expect some changes in design to the rear end too with a more sweeping back end as compared to the current car.


Quite a few Phantom owners have actually complained about the lack of enough tech on the interior of their cars The new Phantom has addressed this issue with a new all-digital instrument cluster and a large central screen which is expected to come pre-loaded with a range of connectivity options. As with the current generation, the central screen is enclosed by a panel and can be hidden away at the touch of a button. In fact, in the pictures, the screen isn’t seen as it is tucked away behind the panel. This is also the reason the analogue clock has been lifted a little away from the driver’s side and the AC vents have been moved lower. Another interior change that is noticeable from the image is the new steering wheel that features a three spoke design and a new central architecture. Expect the new 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII to be formally revealed any day now with a price tag that will make it one of the most expensive production cars on earth.