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Apple to develop an electric car

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It is not only Google that is working towards its Driverless car, even Apple is also working towards offering its electric car that has been codenamed ‘Project Titan’. According to a report on Wall Street Journal, the electric car seems to be a ‘minivan’ in its present form and over a year ago, the project was signed off by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

The report deciphers that it would take many years for the car to hit stages of production. Project Titan is also expected to act as a platform for Apple to work on new automobile technologies like the improvisation of Siri integration or a new iteration of the CarPlay.

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The project is led by Steve Zadesky, who is currently an Apple Executive but has also served as an engineer at Ford in the past. It is being speculated that Apple has contracted with some OEM companies for the car’s components. One of the contractors is Magna Steyr, a company that has built cars for BMW and Mercedes.

Apple is not the only technology company venturing into a new segment. Google is also working on its driverless cars.

Do you think both Apple and Google will be successful in implementing their new initiatives in the automotive segment?

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