Audi to reveal Android infotainment system at Google conference


Audi, which is participating in the Google I/O developer conference (May 17-19) will have the world premiere of its concept of a next-gen infotainment system with fully combined Android. The three-day Google I/O, at the tech business’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, is considered as the major and most significant developer conference in the software industry worldwide. One of the exhibits features Android as a seamlessly integrated solution for in-car infotainment applications, which is being developed by the Android Open Source Community and its millions of members. The Audi Q8 sport concept technology platform, which Audi is presenting at Google I/O, already has Android on board. The new functions, including the streaming service Spotify, Google Play Music and Google Assistant, all run on the large MMI touch display in the center of the dashboard. The information is also noticeable in the Audi virtual field in the driver’s direct field of view.

This marks the first time the new services have been fully integrated into Audi’s brand-specific infotainment system. While the navigation map continues to use the Audi-typical HERE database, the driver can also choose to navigate with Google Maps. A message center for incoming messages and calls round out the new services in the show car. The seamless integration of Android harbours tremendous potential. Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform with more than 1.4 billion active users global. The open Android community’s immense breadth of expertise and creativity can speed up the development of new applications. New apps can rapidly find their way into the cars as extra connected services. Other customer advantages alongside shorter update cycles include a significantly greater diversity of services as well as broad international availability.