BS III Vehicle Sales: Honda Offering Discounts Of Up To Rs.15, 000 on Activa I, Activa 3G


The Honda Activa I and Activa 3G is now being sold at heavy discount by Honda Scooter and Motorbike India after the Supreme Court banned the sales and registrations of all BS III vehicles across India after 1 April, 2017. Sources from the company say that the entire stock of BS III Activa 3G has been sold out owing to heavy discounts and attractive schemes. In fact, a dealership in Gujarat, sold 124 BS III models in its stock in less than three hours. Moreover, certain dealerships are also running a crazy scheme of offering a Honda Navi free with a purchase of either a Honda CBR250R or the CBR150R. For a comprehensive list of cars and bikes on discount, click here.

  1. Honda is offering a straight cash discount of Rs.25, 000 on theCBR150Rand the CBR250R. The present ex-showroom, Delhi prices of the CBR250R start at Rs.1.60 lakh and for the CBR150R is Rs.1.24 lakh respectively. Now, you can buy the CBR-250-R for Rs.1.35 lakh and the CBR-150-R. Here are the complete prices.


  1. Honda was also offering a discount of Rs.10, 000 on the Activa 3G. The current ex-showroom, Delhi price of the Activa 3G starts at Rs.50, 006. So now, you can get one of rs.40, 000 or less. If you are nice to the dealer, he can also offer you certain accessories for free. The company is offering a discount of up to Rs.15, 000 on other scooters such as the Activa I, Aviator and so on. TheNavi, is now being sold at a discount of Rs.18, 500- Rs.20, 000 across select dealerships in India.


  1. For other bikes in its line-up such as the Dream Neo, Dream Yuga and CB Shine Company is offering a discount between Rs.5, 000 and going up till Rs.17, 500 too.Disclaimer:

    These lists are only to serve as a sign of the discounts offered on various Honda models across India and different dealerships will have different amounts as discounts on various models.