Datsun aiming sub-Brezza price for the Go Cross


Datsun is readying its first crossover, the Go Cross, for a market launch in the near future. The Go Cross was showcased in concept form at the previous Auto Expo where it received an extremely favorable reception. Key to its achievement will be a reasonable price, as Datsun, this time around, is also looking at making the car much more desirable, especially on the inside. The company is well aware of just how successful the top-of-the-line Kwid, from Alliance partner Renault, has been – where more than 80 percent of Kwids have the touchscreen – and this has prompted Datsun to effort bringing a related interface on the Go Cross.

Also based on a lower cost version of the V platform (internally known as the V minus), like the Go and Go+, the Go Cross is substantially larger than Datsun’s other cars for India. As far as pricing goes, Datsun is aiming to be extremely competitive with the Go Cross’ pricing. Insiders say that the company is targeting a sub-Brezza price, which would be a starting price of approximately Rs.6.5 lakh.