Driverless cars not allowed to drive in Germany; Will this affect German automakers plan?

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are the next big thing in the automotive industry. Renowned automakers namely, Mercedes, Audi have already tried out the feasibility of this concept. Carmakers are working towards developing driverless cars by involving artificial intelligence to cars which will make driving more comfortable and less stressful.

Driverless Cars currently not allowed to test in Germany

While the carmakers are still developing self-driving cars, the Transport Ministry of Germany is in plans to implement legal guidelines for the driverless cars in Germany. Driverless cars that are expected to hit public roads by 2020 are currently not allowed to drive in Germany. The legal guidelines have been implemented keeping in mind the safety aspect of the driverless car’s operations.

While Germany’s Transport Ministry has imposed this rule, German carmakers like Audi and Mercedes Benz have been testing their driverless cars in real life conditions. Audi has successfully tested an unmanned RS7 in Germany’s Hockenheimring race track for 1 lap where it drove at a speed of 240 kms per hour without any human assistance. On the other hand, Mercedes Benz had introduced the Future Truck 2025 that can reach the speed of up to 80 kms per hour.

Mercedes Benz Driverless Bus

Do you think, such a legal regulation would impede the German automakers’ plans to introduce Driverless cars on time?

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