Ferrari GTC4 Lusso India Launch Date Revealed


It is raining supercars in India! And this one might in all probability will be scarlet – or if you are particular about your colours, Rosso! Yes, as the headline states, it is a Ferrari that we are talking about – the new GTC4 Lusso. The 4 seater GTC4 is Ferrari’s ‘grown up’ supercar for the discerning mature audience and it will be launched in India on August 2. The new supercar will be priced between the Rs.4.5-5.0 crore mark and will only be available in the fully loaded V12 configuration to begin with. The supercar also gets 4-wheel-drive to go with the front mounted V12. The rear wheel drive version of the car, christened the GTC4 Lusso T (which we’ve already driven) will be launched at a later date. The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is the replacement to the FF – and is also much nicer looking than its predecessor. With a more proportional shooting brake design language, flared wheel arches and an aggressive front end, the GTC4 Lusso has been a slightly controversial yet successful car for the Italian supercar maker. The back end too is well crafted with its hatchback design and massive diffuser. The trademark quad exhaust setup of the Ferrari V12 that dates back decades is also present on the GTC4 Lusso.


The GTC4 Lusso name is pretty much self-explanatory. The GTC is a short form for Grand Tourismo Coupe while the 4 indicated all-wheel-drive and a 4-seater configuration. The word Lusso is Italian for ‘Luxury’, which denotes the direction Ferrari has taken with the interior on the supercar. And one of the main updates to the GTC4 Lusso is on the interior front. The car is now exponentially more luxurious as compared to its predecessor and features the likes of a massive 10.25-inch central touch screen and even a separate screen for passengers. The back passenger legroom is also more now with a 16mm rise over the FF while the interior in over-all still exudes highest quality.


Under the hood, the GTC 4 Lusso gets Ferrari’s F140 65-degree V12 engine that makes a staggering 681 bhp and 697 Nm of peak torque. The GTC4 Lusso has a top speed of 345 kmph and a 0-100 kmph time in just 3.4 seconds! The main gearbox is a seven -speed dual clutch unit. As we mentioned earlier, the GTC4 Lusso gets all-wheel-drive. The all-wheel-drive system gets a second two-speed gearbox that powers the front wheels up to a certain speed. The front wheels are only used in 1st-4th gear and only when the torque is really essential. The GTC4 Lusso also gets another four, 4-wheel-steering. The rear wheels can steer up to 2 degrees in the opposite direction to the front wheels under 100kmph to decrease turning radius and in the same direction as the front wheel post 100kmph to improve stability.