Ford Mustang 2018 Gets a ‘Quiet Exhaust’ Mode


It is a famous fact that the 5.0-litre V8 on the Mustang can emit pretty a loud growl, enough to put the fear of god into your neighbors and such. But what was not a well-known fact that Ford engineers have a rather good sense of humor and are thoughtful as well. Confused? Allow us to explain! Newly, a Ford Engineer was move backward his GT350 Mustang out of his garage and the engine noise annoyed the neighbors and led them to call police. That gave an idea to the Ford engineer to introduce optional Quiet exhaust and Quiet start mode for the 2018 Mustang that is on sale in USA.


Yes! Now the Ford-Mustang will have a style to keep the engine noise in check. Mustang owners can schedule the time of the day when their 5.0 litre V8 beast can freely growl and then keep quiet when in the neighborhood. In fact, the Ford engineers are calling this the ‘Good Neighbor Mode’. What the Quiet exhaust mode does is close the valves of the cylinder using an active valve performance exhaust system to keep the engine noise to a minimum. A Survey carried out by shows that loud engines ranks amongst the most annoying noises that neighbors can make. The chief sources of these noised include lawn mowers, power tools, band practice and of course the Mustang!


The Quiet exhaust system can be setup from a steering mounted thumb controls and offer dissimilar exhaust dimensions for different driving modes such as Normal, Sport and Track. Ford Engineers say that the engine noise of the Mustang starts to get uncomfortable once it is in above 80 decibels or so. The Quiet exhaust mode brings down the engine noise by about 10 decibels or thereabouts.