Goa based company to manufacture amphibious vehicles!!!

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Goa based company to build amphibious vehicle

Goa based Amphibious Designs India Pvt. Ltd. (ADI) will start manufacturing amphibious vehicles in India in collaboration with Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd. (ACGL). The vehicle that can run on both land and water will be initially supplied to the tourism sector and as per the company’s intentions, it will target the commercial state transport, central government projects and emergency rescue areas.

Goa based company to build amphibious vehicle

The amphibious vehicle manufacturer will deliver the first two vehicles in May 2015. For building these vehicles, the company has sourced the technology from US and 80 percent of its parts from the domestic market.

“The bonus is that at ADI, we have a transfer of technology (facility) happening from the US through our American partners, who currently manufacture and supply to eight countries, including Japan, USA, and China,” an NDTV Auto report quoted Durga Srinivas Tallamraju, ADI’s Project Director, as saying.

At the 2014 Defence Expo, Tata Motors showcased an amphibious vehicle named Kestral, which is an 8X8 vehicle with independent suspension. Jointly developed by Tata Motors and and the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the Kestral has the capability to accommodate up to 10 troops and could travel cross country. The Kestral can reach a speed of 105 kms per hour on road.

In 2012, the Gibbs Amphibians launched an amphibian that could run on high speeds on both land and water.

(Note: Image of Tata Kestral has been used for representation purposes only)

Goa based company to build amphibious vehicle