Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo revealed


Honda has unveiled a new design concept, the Sports Vision Gran Turismo, which will make its debut on Sony’s forthcoming Gran Turismo video game that will launch on October 17, 2017. The design of the new concept is very similar to older images of a ‘baby’ NSX that had been circulating the internet, though it features sharper styling and protruding fenders. Sources suggest the insides will have a modest layout with a Formula 1-styled steering wheel.


The Japanese manufacturer has not revealed if this concept will reach production or if it is only meant for the video game. However, rumours propose that a production-spec model of this concept could sport a ZSX badge and take over where the Honda S-2000 left off. Such a car would possibly rival the likes of the Toyota Supra or the BMW Z4 depending on whether the production version is a coupe or convertible.