Honda’s i-ACC: World’s first predictive Cruise Control System

i-ACC will be first used in the 2015 European Honda CR-V

Not many people love to drive every time, especially when their mind is clouded up with a lot of other commitments. Honda is in plans to come up with the ‘Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control’ (i-ACC), which will be able to predict and react automatically to other vehicles interrupting to the vehicle’s alley.

Honda’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control senses the position of other vehicles with the help of a camera and radar. The equipped vehicle reacts quickly and safely to other vehicles’ position by applying an algorithm that predicts the probability of other vehicles in neighboring lanes.

i-ACC will be first used in the 2015 European Honda CR-V (executive grade only). It will be built upon the traditional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system that selects its longitudinal velocity in advance and it is only reduced to maintain safe distance to a car in front. The traditional ACC system reacts later in case any other vehicle interrupts.

Honda develops world’s first predictive Cruise Control System

The new i-ACC system takes up to five seconds to compute the likelihood of any interruption by other vehicles. It reacts smoothly and does not startle the driver who did not know about the interruption. In such a case, the system applies a mild brake initially and an icon appears on the driver’s display, wherein, the driver is instructed as to why the slow down had occurred. It then goes ahead to apply a stronger brake to conform to the velocity, in order to maintain a safer distance.

“i-ACC takes cruise control systems to a whole new level, offering what we call ‘predictive safety,” says Dr. Kleinehagenbrock, responsible for i-ACC at Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH.

The i-ACC identifies the road on which you are driving and it automatically detects which neighboring vehicle could interrupt at a particular moment. i-ACC has been researched and developed by the international Honda team in Japan and Europe and has been specifically designed for European roads.

“i-ACC is a significant breakthrough and a considerable further step towards a new generation of driver assistance systems that anticipate the behavior of other traffic participants,” says Dr. Schmuedderich, responsible for i-ACC at Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH.

Honda CR-V

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