Hyundai Genesis GV-80 SUV revealed at United States


Hyundai has revealed its first SUV under the Genesis Luxury brand, the GV-80, at the New York Global Auto Show. The new SUV gets a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. Hyundai’s upmarket sister brand Genesis has not yet produced an SUV, so it’s likely that the GV-80 concept gives us a glimpse at the brand’s first such production model, given the prevalence of the segment in the European and US markets. It appears that Genesis has squarely aimed the car at the same market segment as the Jaguar F-Pace, given the two cars’ design-led approach and similar size.


Genesis claims that the GV80’s powertrain is alike to examples which will be used further down the line, as parental company Hyundai continues hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicle (EV) development. Inside, ash wood has been used on the dash as well as the floor, with carpets eschewed in favour of floorboards. The dashboard is dominated by a curved 22 inch digital monitor, which can be used individually by the driver and passenger, and extends into the instrument cluster. Software incorporated into the system includes handwriting recognition and capacitive touch, so the touchscreen can be used with gloves on.


There are two seats in the rear of the GV80, each with an infotainment touchscreen. 

The styling of the GV80 – including the spine running the length of the car, and the 23-inch alloy wheels – is likely to be toned down before production. However, the car carries an evolution of the brand’s present design language which is likely to make it to the next gen of Genesis models. Genesis has not shown any more details of the plug-in hydrogen fuel cell powertrain in the GV80, but it’s likely that the concept encompasses both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology (in keeping with the brand’s hydrogen fuel cell development efforts).