Infiniti Q60 Black S concept unveiled


Infiniti has taken the wraps off the Q60 Black S model. The hybrid coupe concept has been designed to celebrate the car-maker’s new technical partnership with Renault’s F-1 team. The Q-60 Black S will use an engine augmented by an authentic Formula-1 style kinetic energy retrieval system tipped to boost its total power to around 507 BHP. Its exceptional powertrain is being together developed by Infiniti and Renault engineers at the former’s Formula 1 engine HQ. It also gets an accompanying set of super-performance body modifications, designed at Infiniti’s Paddington studio under the supervision of Euro design director, Matt Weaver.


The concept is based on the top-spec, all-wheel-drive version of Infiniti’s new two door Q60 coupe, whose 3 liter twin turbo V6 engine already produces 406 bhp and gives the car a 0-100 kph sprint in just 5.0sec. Weaver has totally re-designed the body of the car by replacing the Q-60’s rear and front bumpers with more aggressive down force generating designs, along with neat side skirts, working air vents on the bonnet and front wings, and massive ‘blued’ titanium tailpipes. Also, the Black S’ wheels are expressly designed 21-inch alloys. In Renault’s F-1 car, separate motor generator units gather energy from braking and exhaust gas heat and redeploy it via a lithium ion battery pack to power both the engine’s turbo compressor and crank-shaft. The Black S engineering team wants to replicate as much of this system as possible, a costly and large exercise in a road car application. “We’re very serious about our association in F1,” says Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti’s director of global motorsport. “We need the Black S to be seen as the road-going embodiment of our technical corporation with Renault. We are developing the power unit now, a big challenge because our car is already tightly packaged. But indications of success are good.”
The Infiniti Q60 Black S concept has not yet been confirmed for making.