Kawasaki Z800’s price in India to be slashed by Rs. 55,000

Kawasaki Z800 Price Cut India

A lot of people have been complaining that the price of two wheelers has been increasing lately in India. This increase in price has mainly occurred due to the high excise duties. In a time where every two wheeler giant is making sure that the prices of its upcoming launches or already launched vehicles increases, Kawasaki has surprised everyone by reducing the price of Z800 in India. the offered price is valid only for a limited period of time but this reduction in price is surely going to boost up the sales figures by high margins. The price of the bike has been reduced by around Rs. 55,000 and this has been a trump card of Kawasaki. This reduction in the price has made Z800 a better option for the buyers over the Triumphant Street Triple which is offered at a market price of Rs. 7.65 lakhs. The cost of Kawasaki Z800 after the price cut comes to around Rs. 7.35 lakhs.

Kawasaki has made it clear that this reduction in price is only valid for Z800 and the two wheeler giant will not be able to offer any reduction in the other premium models of the company. Kawasaki said that this reduction was offered as there was a cut in the manufacture cost of Z800 in Thailand. The other premium models of the company are manufactured in Japan. The Z800 functions with the help of a 806 cc, highly futuristic liquid cooled engine. The engine is a four cylinder engine and has a capability of producing around 113 PS at around 10,200 rpm. The bike has a good twisting force value of 83 Nm at around 8000 rotations per minute(rpm). The bike offers tough competition to bikes like the Triumphant Street Triple as it has an advantage of around 30 PS and 30 Nm over the Street Triple. Not just this, Z800 is one of the most affordable bikes offered in this category.

Kawasaki Z800 India : Z Unleashed

Kawasaki is major player in the two wheeler segment in India. The company plans to sell around 450 units of its CKDs in India in 2015. The company also plans to increase the number of dealerships in the country by 2015. The company has around 2 dealerships in India. One of these dealerships is located in New Delhi and the other one is located in Pune. The company plans to increase this number to 5 by around 2015. Not just this, with the launch of Z800, the company now has around 7 models of its CKDs in India. The company had launched models like Ninja 650R and Ninja 300 in the year 2014. But the models like Ninja ZX 10R and Ninja ZX 14 R did the best for the company in the year 2014. The company now plans to launch a few more models in the 2015-2017 span to strengthen its base in the Indian Markets. Bikes like Ninja 650 R and Ninja 300 come with the swithchable graphics option which makes them a hot favourite among young people. The Ninja 300 is priced at around Rs. 3.60 lakhs whereas the Ninja 650 R is priced at around Rs. 5.12 lakhs.