Mahindra launches Yezdi Motorcycles official website


In 2016, Mahindra declared their gaining of the rights for Czech brand Jawa in India. The Jawa brand has a distinguished history in India, as it was among the most wanted bikes in the 1970s and 1980s. During the declaration, the company also stated that they will be launching the Czech bikes in India in the coming two years. Mahindra has recently released the Yezdi website – and we feel that Indian bikers might get the first sight of the Jawa bike at the upcoming Auto Expo in 2018. The website does not mention anything about the forthcoming bikes yet but gives a more in-depth idea of the brand and its origin. Yezdis were famous for their starting mechanism and if you have ever ridden one, you would remember that the gear lever on the Yezdi also happened to be the kick starter. Amongst the range of offerings from Yezdi, which included the Classic, the road king, the CL II, Deluxe, Monarch and the Yezdi 175 it was the Road king and the Classic that was most popular. These two motorcycles showcased an air-cooled, 2-stroke, 250cc motor with dual exhaust pipes, and was coupled to a 4-speed gearbox.


Yezdi motorbikes made by Jawa went out of production after the 90’s due to the release of stringent government laws restraining the production of 2-strokes, but have always remained popular amongst bike enthusiasts for their ease of use, maintenance and off-road performance. Mahindra may launch the new range of Yezdi-branded motorcycles with the same retro classic styling, while the new bike might be powered by the Mojo’s 297cc, 4-stroke engine at heart. This will also offer the Mojo a new lease of life since the sales have been poor so far.


The Mojo engine will definitely be tuned to better suit the characteristics of the new motorcycle, with more focus on torque. That said, the company had also recently revealed the Jawa 350 OHC, but it remains to be seen whether this bike will make it to India or not. Considering the price factor though, we believe that honing the Mojo’s engine to suit the Yezdi’s character would make a safer bet. With the Jawa bike making a comeback, Indian bikers will finally have an alternative to the hugely popular Royal Enfield machines as Jawa has the history and the nostalgia factor working in its favour. Once launched, the company may sell the Yezdi motorcycles under the same roof as the Mojo.