Modified Hyundai Elantra and Santa Fe reveled For SEMA Show


The SEMA show in Las Vegas, US is the largest altered car show in the world with the best tuning businesses and automakers all showcasing some of the most insane one-off builds and parts. The show is a yearly affair and where is initially started off as a place for aftermarket part manufacturers to show off their latest go-fast bits, it has recently become a hot bed for OEM automakers to showcase special versions or editions of their performance cars with even more custom work thrown in for good measure. Hyundai has newly been very active in the SEMA scene with a yearly display of some very well made modified cars and this year is no less. Hyundai will be bringing a special one-off Elantra Sport to SEMA this year. While the internals on the standard 1.6-litre turbocharged engine are pretty much factory spec, the car now gets methanol injection. It also gets a cold air intake, a new custom exhaust system and a special ECU tune by ‘Blood Type Racing’ who have also been responsible for the complete build. The car also runs much lower than stock on a set of HSD coilover suspension along with a new sway bar, strut brace and chassis brace. The tuned Elantra Sport also gets new and much larger brakes.


The list of mods continues with an Aerotek bodykit that includes a new front and rear bumper with a new front splitter, revised side sills and a race spec rear wing. The car also gets a custom paintjob and a set of 19-inch wheels with high performance Toyo T1 tyres. The inside too has been spruced up with reupholstered seats and a carbonfibre steering wheel. Hyundai says that the tuned Elantra Sport has been built as a performance car that is still very much a daily driver. Alongside the Elantra will be a totally one-off Santa Fe that has been supported by energy drink giant Rockstar. The otherwise tame 7-seater family SUV has been given a massive lift kit and some large wheels that are wrapped in chunky off road tyres. The car also features a huge LED light bar on the roof and auxiliary driving lights up front. The Santa Fe has a black theme with a painted grille while the rest of the car gets a special digital camouflage wrap. All in all, we think both these cars look very cool and should certainly be displayed at the upcoming Indian Auto Expo in 2018!