Next generation BMW Z4 concept incompletely unveiled



A new promo image released on social-media shows that the open-top concept featuring a long bonnet and a pair of rear protections. The car’s sleek design looks similar to that of the BMW Gina concept of 2008. This preview comes before the car’s reveal on August 17 at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The shape will influence the design of the upcoming production Z4 that’s due in 2019. However, it is probable to feature a more conservative folding soft top, as seen on Z4 development cars. The third-generation Z4 is part of what BMW’s head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, describes as the most comprehensive new model push. Codenamed G29, the new alterable is being settled in a joint engineering programme between BMW and Toyota, which will sell a coupé version as the Supra.


The two cars, which have been seen testing in development form on public roads for several months, will be produced alongside each other at Magna in Austria. BMW is said to have booked the Z4 name for its upcoming model, rather than using Z5 as before rumored, because Z5 doesn’t fit with its naming structure, which uses even numbers for performance models. This is backed up by internal correspondence relating to the G29 project, which refers to the car as Z4. The production Z4 will arrive 3 months after the new 8-series, which is due in 2018 and is showed by the concept 8-series.