Next generation Ford Fiesta sedan could be announced in early 2018


The article says that the next-gen Ford Fiesta Sedan should debut within six months, possibly in China. The current Ford Fiesta Sedan was unveiled at the 2008 Guangzhou Auto Show. Europe doesn’t have a strong appetite for B-segment sedans where premium hatchbacks find maximum buyers. Latest reports suggest that the new gen Fiesta might not make it to the U.S., where the old hatchback and sedan are sold. A Ford official has stated that the all-new Fiesta is targeted only at Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This further borders the scope of the sedan, if there is one.
However, China is a big market for Ford.


Following the Escort in 2013, last year the company introduced an all-new Ford Taurus exclusively for China where sedans are faring better. At the same time, Ford has admitted that demand for sub-compact cars in China, as well as in Latin America, is declining and that the company is reacting consequently. Perhaps, that explains why the Ford B500 project was scrapped. As for the all-new Fiesta, the Blue Oval has allegedly said that it will build the car absolutely in Cologne, Germany. The current Ford Fiesta Sedan was a failure in India which is a big market for C-segment sedans. It was launched in 2011 and discontinued in 2015 owing to few takers. A new B-segment hatchback and sedan duo is in the works, but it’s surely not the Fiesta family. Based on a new platform codenamed B563, these sub-compact cars are not expected before 2020.