Renault Duster petrol automatic to be launched in India in May 2017


Renault is set to launch a new automatic optional for the petrol Duster. However, unlike the diesel variant, the petrol-powered Renault Duster will get a new CVT unit as a replacement for AMT. Thankfully, Renault-Nissan’s CVT technology is quite pleasant as we have found out in the Nissan Micra. The Renault Duster automatic petrol will continue to get the same naturally aspirated 1.6-litre four cylinder engine which produces 104 PS of power and 148 Nm of highest torque.


Renault could offer the Duster in the top-spec trim to take on the likes of the petrol Hyundai Creta auto and the Honda BR V CVT, as well as a mid-level trim to make the SUV more inexpensive. Either way, considering most customers opt to buy the diesel optional of Duster, the introduction of an automatic variant should help Renault improve sales of the slow-selling petrol-powered car, especially for urban customers. With the launch of the petrol Duster auto, the French automaker looks to add more appeal to its slow selling petrol Duster as clients seem to prefer the diesel models.


Renault feels it is significant to increase the petrol offerings in its portfolio given a number of buyers have started to gravitate away from oil burners. The recent focus on diesel engines and release norms has brought about a growth in studies for petrol models. Having a CVT on board won’t only mean offering petrol buyers the ease of automatic but will also guarantee greater fuel efficiency than a conventional automatic. The manual Duster presently claims mileage at 13.06 kmpl. Expect that figure to climb closer to 14 kmpl with the CVT.


Besides the Duster CVT Renault is also going to offer another optional on the Kwid – after already introduction the Climber version. Sawhney says, “We have more excitement in Kwid and a brand new product which we are presently targeting around festival time.” The all-new product from Renault is mainly expected to be the Kaptur crossover. This is the larger than the European Captur and unlike that car which shares a platform with the Clio hatch-back, the Kaptur sits on the Duster’s platform.