Rolls-Royce rules out hybrid cars


Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Otvös has ruled out the option of hybrid powertrains from the brand in the coming, saying that it will only current battery-technology when it is advanced enough for an all-electric machine. Müller-Otvös said he is convinced that electric powertrains are the future of motoring, but added that the luxury firm’s customers would not accept the ‘compromise’ of hybrid technology. “Electrification is the way forward – and there will not be in between steps for us like hybridization,” said Müller-Otvös at the Goodwood Jubilee of Speed.  “It is the propulsion system for the future, make no error. There is a time, nobody can predict when, when there will be no combustion engines. That will take an extended, long time, but it will happen.”  Clarifying why the company wouldn’t invest in hybrid technology, Müller-Otvös added: “The Rolls-Royce brand is not, in a way, a game changer when it comes to revolutionary technology.


Our clienteles are doing so for reasons of utmost luxury, so there can be no limitations. “Compromises when it comes to technology, or working our products, are unacceptable. People are more interested in highly reliably substance than to be a test field for new technology.” Müller-Otvös also noted that entree to technology advanced by BMW, Rolls-Royce’s parent company, would be a great asset when it does start work on an electric powertrain. Last year Rolls-Royce unveiled a Vision 100 concept, as part of the BMW Group’s 100th anniversary. That was an all-electric machine with autonomous technology. But Müller-Otvös said that, while independent tech “will come” to Rolls-Royce cars, it was not a priority.