Skoda approves no sub-brand for EVs


Skoda’s head of management Guido Haak has shown that electric cars will be produced under the manufacturer’s main moniker, rather than being separately sold in an EV-only sub-brand such as Volkswagen’s ID sub-brand. Other manufacturers, like BMW with its i sub-brand or Mercedes-Benz with its EQ range, have electric vehicles in a isolated category from their mass-market models, but Skoda’s EVs will sit directly alongside its mainstream models, such as the Superb and Octavia. Haak compared Skoda’s efforts with those of Tesla, labelling the hugely successful EV brand “the number one risk-takers in the industry”. Haak described the Model 3, which has accrued more than 4 lakh reservations, as “vanilla” in its specifications given the price tag. “This car is a premium car; not for everybody,” Haak said regarding the Model 3.


The executive clarified that Skoda’s electric vehicles wouldn’t be challengers to Tesla cars, and would be priced at a more accessible level. Outlining the main criteria Skoda EVs need to fulfill, Haak listed value for money, real-world range, design, driver assistance systems and being fun to drive. One of these assistance systems alerts the driver to move out of the way of an emergency vehicle. However, this feature is not expected to be installed on a Skoda in the short term due to the early stage of the system’s development.