Tata Motors working on alternative plans for Nano


Leading automobile manufacturer Tata Motors is now working on alternative plans for its small car Nano whose sales have fallen making its production not a viable proposition, an official of the company said. Asked about the upcoming Nano, COO of Tata Motors Satish Borwankar said “going forward, additional tactics for Nano is being measured. For instance, the electric version of the car. The production of Nano is not a viable proposition”. But he clarified that the firm wouldn’t phase out Nano as there were sentimental reasons devoted to it and the stockholders also wanted its manufacture to continue. The official said that efforts would be made to make production of the small car viable.


After the company abandoned the Singur plant, Tata Motors moved the manufacture facility to Sanand in Gujarat. “About 1000 Nano cars are being traded every month at the moment”, he said. He said that the Sanand plant’s assembly line produces three passenger vehicles (PV), namely Nano, Tiago and Tigor. “The production volumes of Tiago and Tigor are substantial as compared to Nano which is very small”, the official said. Asked about the arresting the falling market share of both its commercial vehicles (CV) and PVs, Borwankar said “there was an issue of customer connect which is now being addressed”.