The all new 2017 Honda CBR-650F Launched in Japan


The Wild Doesn’t Always Scream. That’s the tagline Honda uses for the current CBR650F essentially to make up for its relative lower exhaust sound. They may not have to retort to such marketing now… At last year’s EICMA, Honda unveiled the new 2017 CBR650F (and the naked CB 650F) which has been given major updates and it looks sharper and more importantly gets more power & other mechanical changes…


2017 CBR650F Changes

The 649 cc four cylinder motor of the 2017 CBR650F gets a new intake and exhaust. Shorter air intake funnels feed four 32 mm throttle bores from a down-flow air box and in turn the right side-swept 4-1 exhaust now employs a double pass internal structure (rather than triple pass) in the muffler, reducing back pressure. It also features a larger final exit aperture.


The 2017 CBR-650F also gets smaller 2nd to 5th gear ratio. This allows the motorcycle to pull the line faster than the present version. Honda rights that in case of a 60 kmph second gear roll-on the new version will pull out three bike lengths over 400 m. The maximum power output has been improved from 86.47 PS to 91 PS at 11,000 rpm. Honda says that this rise will be noticeable from 5,000 rpm and up. The highest torque output has also been raised from 62.9 Nm to 64 Nm at 8000 rpm.


The chassis has been retuned to be stiffer around the headstock and more flexible in the spar section. It also gets new 41 mm Showa dual bending front forks while rear gets the same mono shock with 7 preloads. The two piston Nissin front callipers have been revised for improved braking. Headlights console now houses LEDs which is a great move but the instrumentation panel remains untouched. The auditory pleasure is a point which Honda is talking about a lot. Associated to the outgoing version this one will be louder. So, will the wild scream this time…! 2017 CBR 650F is available in Pearl Glare, Victory Red and Matte Gunpowder Black colors. Honda cleared off inventory of the current-gen CBR 650F in India due to BS4 emission norms. There is a possibility that they may launch the 2017 CBR 650F in Indian market sometime this year.