Toyota plans to present an innovative electric-vehicle in 2022

2017-Toyota EV concept_112

Toyota is evolving an electric car which runs on ‘solid-state’ battery technology. This growth will drastically expand driving charge and decrease charging times, according to a report from Japan. According to the Chunichi Shimbun daily news-paper, the vehicle will be based on a new platform and will likely go on sale in 2022. The news report states that Toyota is working on all solid state batteries, a recently developed technology that uses solid electrolytes rather than liquid. This enables a higher volumetric energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Battery technology specialists claim the most progressive all-solid-state batteries could be proficient of decreasing charging times to less than an hour. If the technology works, it would be a vast development compared to the hours of time that is presently essential to charge modern lithium-ion batteries using conventional charging equipment. Research studies show solid-state batteries can hold up to three times more energy than conventional lithium-ion batteries and also have a longer useful life. Toyota, meanwhile, is not giving any confirmation about a production car using this kind of technology; however, a spokesperson told sister publication  “It is considered that all-solid batteries are the most close to the level of practical application,” Toyota said.

2017-Toyota EV concept

“We are working on research and development, including the production engineering of all-solid batteries to commercialize them by the early 2020s.” Toyota confirmed its intentions to invest in battery-electric technology when a new electric vehicle division was opened by them. “These various next gen batteries have high potential,” continued the spokesman. “However, they have some challenges and have not reached the level of the present liquid batteries. They are at the stage where they could prove performance in principle in the laboratory and we need a breakthrough for practical use, therefore, we need further research and development for these batteries.” Toyota’s first battery electric vehicle which is due in 2020 will be capable of travelling more than 299 kilometres on a single charge, although that car is expected to use more conventional lithium-ion batteries and will pave the way for the first all-solid-state battery car to arrive two years later.