Volvo Cars to Focus on Electric Vehicles From 2019


The only way towards maintainable mobility is to ditch the Internal Combustion engine (ICE) and go electric. Understanding the same, Volvo Cars has announced that from 2019 onwards, every car model that they launch will be electric. Volvo said that it would be focusing all its research and development energy towards electrification of its future car models and place the same at the very core of its business. Volvo will be introducing a new portfolio of vehicles that will be fully electric, plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid cars. “This is about the customer,” said Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive. “People increasingly demand electrified cars and we want to respond to our customers’ current and future needs.


You can now pick and choose whichever electrified Volvo you wish.” The company has said that it will launch five fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021. Out of these, three will be regular Volvo models and remaining two will be high performance cars launched under the Polestar brand. The complete details of these cars will be revealed at a later date. Volvo will be launching a supplementary range of petrol and diesel plug-in hybrids and 48 volt mild-hybrid options on all these models. Slowly but surely, Volvo will be phasing out pure ICE engines and replacing them with either fully electric motors or plug-in and mild hybrids options along with an ICE engine. Volvo has set itself a target of selling 1 million electric cars by 2025. Also, Volvo had recently announced that it will be re-launching Polestar as an all-electric car brand. It is currently the performance division of Volvo, something similar to what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz and M Sport is to BMW.