Yamaha Discontinues Carbureted Fazer and FZ

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Japanese giant Yamaha has stopped production of the carbureted models of FZ and Fazer. According to sources, the bikes are no longer existing in the market because they are only BS-III-compliant. It is likely that Yamaha sees no reason to upgrade their carbureted bikes while the newer version of the bikes are already equipped with a more modern fuel injection, hence explaining the silent removal of the two carbureted bikes from its portfolio. The FZ series were one of the most popular budget performance bikes from Yamaha. The muscular street fighter looks and meaty tyres made the bike an instant hit among enthusiasts. The carbureted FZ also bears the distinction of being slightly more powerful (0.8PS) and torque (0.8Nm) than the fuel-injected unit. The Fazer series are half-faired derivatives of the FZ series. 


The fuel-injected versions of the FZ, FZ-S and the Fazer all share the same 149cc SOHC engine with Blue Core technology. Yamaha claims that the Blue Core technology ensures reduced power loss, optimum combustion, precise fuel supply and control of ignition timing. As a result, the claimed improvement in mileage stands at 14 per cent over the carbureted models. The Blue Core engine generates a peak power of 13.2PS at 8,000rpm and a peak torque of 12.8Nm at 6,000rpm. The new bikes come with AHO feature as well, to comply with the latest regulations. The bikes sport a diamond-type frame with telescopic forks at the front and monoshock at the rear. Braking duties are performed by disc at the front and drum at the rear. The FZ-FI is priced at Rs.80, 726; the FZS-FI at Rs.82, 789, while the Fazer-FI costs Rs.87, 935, all ex-showroom Delhi.