Yamaha YS125 Launched In Europe


YBR125 commuter motorcycle in European markets with a modernized model – the Yamaha YS125. The new YS125 shares the same running gear as the YBR125, with sportier styling, fresh and a redesigned engine which is said to offer lesser fuel consumption and has a large 14 liter fuel tank. It meets Euro 4 emission regulations, and comes prepared with United Braking System, something alike to Honda’s Combi Brake System which activates brakes on both wheels from either the lever or the brake pedal. Cosmetically, the Yamaha YS125 gets sporty styling with a newly designed headlamps surrounded by a compact cowl. A muscular, chiseled tank with sporty air scoops and an upswept muffler completes the sporty look of the new Yamaha. The 795 seat height provides a natural and upright commuting position and Yamaha says the single seat will give “added passenger comfort with a suitable grab rail.”


The all New Yamaha YS125 is powered by a single cylinder, 2 – valve, 125 cc single overhead cam engine which makes maximum power of 10.5 BHP at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 10.8 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Fuelling is through electronic fuel injection and the bike weighs 129 kg in the wet). In terms of cycle parts, the YS125 gets 18 – inch wheels at both ends and a telescopic front fork and swingarm mounted twin shocks at the rear. Now, Yamaha India’s 125 cc range is led by the Yamaha Saluto and accounts for around 50,000 unit deals a month, that’s only about 3.5 to 4 per cent of overall sales in the 110 -125 cc bike market in India. According to India Yamaha officials, commercially, the Saluto is performing satisfactorily – and its simple design, fuel efficient engine and pillion – friendly ergonomics do appeal to a wide range of clienteles. This division also registers an over 10 per cent increase in year – on – year sales. The question then is – will India Yamaha introduce the Yamaha YS-125 as a sportier, more stylish package in the Indian market? When contacted, India Yamaha officials declined to comment on any such plans, saying that right now, the company is focused on the freshly – launched Yamaha FZ25. The YS125 definitely looks like a promising product – both in terms of technology and styling and if India Yamaha does choose to manufacture and sell it in India, it could well be the trump card to rise India Yamaha’s market share in the high-volumes 125 cc commuter motorcycle space.