Bajaj Triumph alliance Bike Launch Expected By 2021

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Bajaj Triumph association has been one of the most surprising news in the two-wheeler industry recently. Where Bajaj is known for making India-specific low-capacity performance and commuter bikes, Triumph is one of the leaders in making high-capacity premium offerings. It was in August that the brands confirmed of going into a partnership and making products in unison. Now, a report has been obtained that the final product will be ready to formally come out in the market by 2021.

The segment in which the Bajaj Triumph duo is mainly focused is the 200-500-cc category. The motorcycles will be manufactured at the Bajaj facility in Chakan, Pune while they will be sold through Triumph’s dedicated dealerships. Both the companies will be concertedly working on the design, development, and distribution of the motorcycles. Speaking on the focused segment, the Triumph spokesperson said, “We see an exciting future within that (200-500cc) segment in the Indian market.”

In a recent statement, Triumph’s Sales and Marketing Director said that the partnership is going well and both the companies have signed heads of terms. The only process left is signing the global commercial agreement which will include the detailed points of nature of collaboration. The formalities will be completed by early 2018.

It is expected that the partnership will yield a bunch of admirable products. Bajaj has been doing great in the performance commuter segment with its Pulsar brand ever since its inception in India. The company knows how to make enthralling products while keeping the price in check. On the other hand, Triumph has never failed to garner commendable sales with its premium middle-weight offerings, such as Triumph Street Triple, worldwide. It is highly anticipated that we may get to see some interesting products combining the unique expertise of both the brands.

Bajaj Triumph Bike Launch

– Bajaj Triumph partnered final product will hit the markets by 2021
– The companies will be signing the final commercial agreement by the first quarter of 2018
– Bajaj and Triumph are mainly focused towards the 200-500cc segment