The first bike of the Bajaj Triumph Corporation is likely to be a 500cc single-cylinder bike

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Bajaj and Triumph are together evolving a new finest motorcycle that will be launched in India in sometimes in 2020. Here are new details about this motorbike, which will be built in India, and sold here as well as global markets. A report on Economic Times hints that the Bajaj-Triumph bike will have a single cylinder engine displacing around 500-cc. Bajaj and Triumph announced a partnership earlier this year to make middleweight bikes between 400cc-800cc for India as well as other international markets. However, we now have news that the first bike from the partnership will hit the Indian market in 2020 and is likely to be a 500cc single-cylinder bike. Triumph could contribute to styling, design and engineering while Bajaj could offer knowledge on the manufacturing of low-cost bikes and supply chain.

With Bajaj’s coalition, the Bonneville-maker aims to more than paired its worldwide business and make India its largest market. Since its entry to India in 2013, it has sold over 4500 bikes, holding a market share of 15 percent. The company is growing currently at a compounded annual growth rate of over 20% with sales of over 64,000 units (internationally) at the end of 2016 and expects the middleweight bikes planned for India and other emerging markets to bring incremental volumes of 1,00,000 bikes. India, currently, accounts for merely 2 % of Triumph’s global volume of 64,300 units.

Apart from the scooters, it is the mid-sized/premium bikes that is the fastest growing segment in India. Royal Enfield, currently, holds the lion’s share of about 76 percent followed by Bajaj-KTM with a 21 percent share. Apart from the Bajaj partnership, Triumph’s focus will remain on the above 500cc segment. The automaker intends to assemble 90 % of its bikes (in the India line-up) in India by the middle of next year. This partnership will be similar to what Bajaj has with KTM. However, Bajaj will not take any stake in Triumph. This arrangement is likely to be very profitable both to Bajaj and Triumph as the cost of manufacturing a high quality motorcycle in India is much lesser than in developed countries. Together, Triumph and Bajaj plan to take the fight to Royal Enfield in the mid-segment (250cc-750cc) motorcycle category, which is fast-growing around the world.