Next-gen BMW X5 to debut in 2018

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BMW has decided to do away with half measures and skip the procedure of carrying in a facelift of the present gen of its X5 SAV (sports activity vehicle). The German brand is planning to bring in an all-new X5 in the year 2018, replacing the current model which will have one of the shortest lifespans for a BMW. The BMW X5 has been around for almost 20 years internationally but made its access in India only in the year 2014. The India launch of the new gen X5 could happen by the end of 2018 or early 2019. BMWBLOG says that this update will debut as early as second quarter of 2018, skipping the mid-life update of the current gen altogether. The production of the current gen X5 will end by July 2018 to make way for the new SUV.

The future BMW X5 will be a lot sportier and actually originate motivation from the BMW Concept X7. The most prominent changes will be seen towards the front fascia with accentuated dual kidney grille, wider intakes and headlamps with quirky LED detailing. The side profile showcases butched-up sizes with a roof line leaning towards the back end. A heavy dosage of character lines with one even running below the door handle is a step away from the current BMW models.

This new-gen BMW X5 is grounded upon the CLAR platform, which will lead to some serious weight discount, making the new vehicle a much more dynamic handler. The CLAR architecture is a mix of magnesium, aluminum and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer), which will make the next gen BMW G05 X5 stronger and lighter than the current generation F15. The F15 X5 tips the scales with a kerb weight of around 2,122 kg but will be significantly lighter in the new avatar, giving a boost to the fuel efficiency as well. Engine options for the BMW X5 in India will remain the same 3.0 litre diesel with 260PS of power and the 3.0 litre petrol with its 306PS of max power. But there is the likelihood of a 4.4-litre biturbo V8 which will be passed on with the “M” performance badging to keep supporters fascinated. BMW is surely taking its SUV business seriously. In fact, with the recently showcased X2, BMW is running out of single-digit numerals. The lineup now starts with the X1 and goes all the way to the X7, with the odd numbers being conventional SUVs and the even ones being crossovers