Fire sales of Chevrolet post General Motors exit

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General Motors on May 18 left many in the lurch when it declared shuttering its India sales operations. Now, in order to clear car inventories, General Motors, along with its dealers is offering huge discounts. Chevrolet’s Beat is now available with a straight-up cash discount of Rs.1 lakh on all variants. The Cruze, on the other hand, can be availed at a price cut of Rs.4 lakh for both manual and automatic versions. Also, with a bit of bargaining, you can expect the asking price to drop even further. Interestingly, dealers are also accepting bookings, albeit at an 80 percent down payment, for variants that they might not have in stock but can procure from GM’s plant within a little over a week.

Chevrolet’s Trailblazer SUV, the only imported model in the brand’s India line-up, is also coming at a discount of Rs.4 lakh, but sources tell us that the stock for this model has almost been cleared. Chevrolet had earlier discontinued the U-VA, Sail and Enjoy models. While its sales outlets will shut down by December 2017, Chevrolet has promised to maintain a service network across key locations of the country. However, it has not yet specified where these locations will be. GM will continue to manufacture cars in India for exports and has committed to honour all warranty, service package agreements and maintain spare parts support for its vehicles.