Honda Monkey 125 revealed

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The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has been quite exciting till now. There have been a quite a few stimulating concepts and models for both cars and 2-wheelers. Speaking of two-wheelers, some of the interesting models to be showcased were the Kawasaki Z900RS, Kawasaki Ninja 400, Yamaha Niken, Honda Neo Sports Café racer concept and the Gold Wing too. The other interesting model from Honda to be showcased was the Monkey 125 concept. The idea was to take the classic-looking lines of the Honda Monkey and give them a fresh, modern twist. For those who are not familiar with Honda’s Monkey range of bikes, it is a range of mini bikes, which is said to take the name monkey, because a person riding the same looks like a monkey perched on a bike. From a long shot, you would be forgiven for thinking it as a retro-styled motorcycle with bare minimum body panels replicating a café racer but looking at it on close quarters its styling inspirations and the purpose of build is all the more evident from Honda.

The new concept is designed to look more classic and is bigger in appearance. It seems to use the same frame as the MSX and the front suspension, brakes and wheels are also carried over. However, in its place of the older sub-frame, there’s a new fluorescent tube holding the single seat. A tubular swing arm can be seen, similar to the one on the original Monkey bike. Also, the mono shock of the Grom is now substituted by dual back shock-absorbers. All in all, a perfect retro-styled motorcycle.

The Monkey 125 gets a single- cylinder 125 cc engine. The modern bits include LED lights, digital instrumentation along with USD forks upfront and twin shock absorbers at the rear. The concept was shod with knobbly tyres. The mudguards at the front and back are raised up, which hint at off-roading ability. The bike gets disc brakes at both ends and the exhaust is placed along the rears sub-frame and has a heat shield as well.
Honda had patented the Monkey 125 last year. Whether it goes into production or not, remains to be seen. We would love to see the Monkey 125 come to India and pleasantly surprise us like Honda did with the Navi, but there are slim chances of that happening.