Honda Civic and CR-V to be showcased at Auto Expo 2018

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We already broke the news about the 2nd generation Honda Amaze creating its international debut at Auto Expo 2018. Now, we can also settle news that joining the new Amaze at Honda’s Auto Expo stand will be the Civic and new CR-V. As you may already know, the three models are part of Honda’s plans to launch six new models in India by 2020.
Like the Amaze, the new CR-V is planned for an India introduction in 2018. While the newest iteration of the SUV is handsome and well turned-out, what makes the new CR-V more interesting than its predecessors is the fact that it will come with a third row of seats and will also be offered with a diesel engine option, both firsts for the CR-V. The ability to seat seven gives the new CR-V a degree of versatility you couldn’t associate with the nameplate so far. The option of a diesel engine will also address on of the CR-V’s big shortcomings. The engine in question will be a 1.6-litre unit from Honda’s ‘Earth Dreams’ line making a reasonable 160hp and 350Nm of torque. To keep costs in check, Honda will localize the engine, and come 2019 it will also find use on the Civic.

The Civic to be presented at the Auto Expo won’t be the precise model that will launch in India. Honda will bring the facelifted version that is yet to make a public arrival. The latest Civic picks up from where the last one to be sold in India left off, with its decidedly sporty, low-slung design. What gives the new Civic serious character is the faux notchback look at the rear. We do, however, expect the Civic’s cabin to be spruced up before the car goes on sale in India. The Civic will be offered with the aforementioned diesel engine option and a 1.8-litre naturally-aspirated VTEC petrol engine.