Honda reveals standard battery packs for electric scooter

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Honda has unveiled removable batteries for its electric two-wheeler range, including the Honda PCX electric scooter, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Honda PCX was unveiled in October last year with two removable batteries under the seat. Now, Honda has shown those batteries, called ‘Mobile Power Packs’ which can be shared with other machines as well. Honda revealed a range of devices using the same batteries to power ATVs, to an autonomous four-wheeled buggy and the PCX Electric scooter. All the vehicles use various numbers in combination of the same battery pack, just like conventional gadgets use multiple batteries of the same size to power different gadgets.

The batteries can supposedly be used like a portable power supply as well, called the Mobile Power Pack Charge and Supply Portable Concept. And Honda has not stopped there, unveiling an idea called the Mobile Power Pack Exchanger Concept. This idea is like a vending machine for fully-charged battery packs. The idea is that fully-charged batteries can be just taken off these vending machines to slot into an electric bike by just swiping a credit card.

The only drawback here could be that these battery packs will only be limited to Honda electric bikes and other vehicles. While the vending machine concept does sound very promising, developing such an infrastructure, particularly in a country like India will be a difficult process and likely take several years. But before that, first these concepts need to be developed into production models. For now, the concept looks promising for the future of electric mobility and Honda looks committed to investing in and developing such technology going forward.