Smaller Honda Africa Twin in the works

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We love the Honda Africa Twin, we love the inheritance that comes with the name. We love the fact it is one of the better on/off road motorbikes available right now. Especially considering the fact that the Africa Twin Adventure Sport is on the horizon and it’s even more capable than the standard model. But all said and done, the Africa Twin, is a very expensive motorbike.

Honda Africa Twin is a very popular off-road tourer but its size and power is not quite palpable for novice riders. New riders need something friendlier, lighter and more affordable. Honda’s Large Project Leader for the Africa Twin, Kenji Morita, accepted that they lack pure adventure bikes and as to how they are thinking of getting a “half-way model” in to attract young or A2 riders.
Evolving a new engine would obviously be very luxurious. Moreover, it does not make sense because Honda already has a 750-cc parallel-twin that presently does duty on the NC750X. Employing this engine will allow the bike to be accessible to a bigger market while also making the optimum use of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission. However, this doesn’t really make for a small capacity Africa Twin. Hence, Honda could also possibly bring an Africa Twin with a 650cc engine like in the XRV650.

Now that leaves room for intended assumption, otherwise known as automotive journalism. We know that Honda has a 650 twin tuned for touring and a 750 twin tuned for dirt. We suspect that Honda will go with the 650 cc motor so as not to invade the Africa Twin 999cc space. The 650 twin might need some work but will be even more special considering that it will be a bit of reversion to the original Dakar winner. However, this is all still assumption right now even for Honda, but at least they are on the right path.

However, with the KTM 790 Adventure and the BMW F 850 GS lurking around the corner and Triumph’s Tiger 800 range out there now, Honda would have to roll up its sleeves and get to work to make the most out of this currently trending segment. The next Tokyo Motor Show is a good target with it being still almost a good two long years away. A concept of a smaller Africa Twin could get all the attention to help Honda become the talk of the town in 2019. We do hope that the new Honda Africa Twin comes soon as its elder sibling had us impressed and the new bike is expected to follow its footsteps.