Two-door Range Rover coupé under consideration

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Land Rover is considering another entry for the super-luxury SUV market – an exclusive two-door coupé, SVO-designed Range Rover. In an interaction with, Land Rover design boss, McGovern said, “Watch this space. I can’t say when or what; but there are opportunities. We have established with Range Rover that there are opportunities to offer derivations of these vehicles, to offer them as a way to bring something new to the market.” Giving credence to the news is the fact that the brand has patented the ‘Range Stormer’ name, earlier this year. The original Range Stormer was a concept revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in early 2004, although that version was more of a preview of the Range Rover Sport that went into production, later that year.

Range Rover already has two-door models in its line-up – the Evoque is sold in two-door form, abroad – while the original Range Rover was originally built as a two-door model. McGovern talked about the SVO’s participation in the project, saying, “The good thing with SVO is that it’s a self-funding commercial, so there are opportunities within SVO that don’t necessarily have to be mainstream; and small-volume [vehicles] lend themselves beautifully, to that. A limited-edition model that pays for itself (and makes JLR profit) is far calmer to create a business case for.” Furthering the exclusivity aspect of the model, McGovern alluded to two-door models’ now relative small number compared with their five-door counterparts as the car industry moves away from less practical and slower-selling two-doors.

A two-door Range Rover would certainly be exclusive – the super-luxury SUV market currently contains no two-door cars, while the recently introduced Lamborghini Urus resembling a coupé the closest, despite having five doors. The Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan both have five doors, while no specifics are yet known about the upcoming Ferrari SUV. The new model will likely be positioned atop the Range Rover line-up, even above the long-wheelbase Range Rover SV Autobiography. A two-door Range Rover is guaranteed exclusivity even in the super-luxury segment of the SUV market. Models like the Bentley Bentayga, the recently revealed Lamborghini Urus and the upcoming Rolls-Royce SUV are five-door models.