Lexus LS 500h India launch in January 2018

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Japanese luxury auto-maker Lexus will launch its international range-topping model – the LS sedan – in India in January 2018. And the type lead to India is the hybrid LS 500h. The original LS shook the luxury sedan world in 1989 and established Lexus as a bona fide luxury carmaker. Since then, the LS has been an essential part of Lexus’ ever-expanding line-up. The latest model that broke cover at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show is somewhat of a revolution in its own right. In terms of design, the latest LS breaks from the stately, if understated, look of preceding models and features a more dynamic design that’s complete with Lexus’ new-age sign – the oversized hourglass-shaped grille. As you’d assume, the BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-class-rivalling LS is a large car; it’s over 5.2-metre long and has a wheelbase of 3.1 meter.

The interior moves away from the characteristic Lexus design too, with more flowing emerging for the dashboard, and multiple screens substituting many physical buttons. You can imagine the cabin to come finished in the highest quality resources. Front seat occupants will be pampered by 28-way adjustable electric seats with heating, cooling and massage functions, but the best seats in the house will be the ones at the rear. Lexus means to ground the LS in India against the Mercedes-Maybach S500 and is going all-out to exploit back seat luxury. The LS for India is likely to come with the higher-spec rear seat package as standard that brings with it individually adjustable seats with a 48-degree recline for the backrests. An ottoman at the back further ups the luxury proportion. Lexus also claims the latest LS comes with active noise suppression tech that makes this car quieter than any LS before, which is no less than a highlight in its own right.

In line with its concentration on hybrids, Lexus will launch the LS in 500h form, fairly than the standard LS 500. The LS 500h’s powertrain comprises a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and two electric motors that make a combined 354hp. Power is channeled through an e-CVT transmission. The LS 500h is sold abroad in 4-wheel drive and back-wheel drive form, though it’s the latter that will be sold in India. Remarkably, Lexus claims the new LS offers a higher degree of driving pleasure too thanks to a more direct steering and a new vehicle dynamics management system. Lexus will import the LS 500h in to India which means it will be priced upper than luxury limousine competitors from BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. We hear prices will be more Maybach than S-class and upwards of Rs.1.5 core (estimated, ex-showroom). Lexus has started accepting bookings for the car.