Maruti Suzuki India Ltd introducing Alto-660cc engine in India

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We have got to know that Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the largest-selling car manufacturer in India, will come up with a 660cc Alto. The Alto brand was presented in India with a 796cc, three-cylinder engine. This engine catches its roots in the original F8 motor that finished its debut in India with the 800. Later in its life, the India-spec Alto even got the excellent K10 996cc, three-cylinder engine from the A-Star. Maruti continues to sell the Alto with these two engines. However, it looks like the next gen car will launch here with a new 660-cc engine. Details are scarce but here’s all that we could find about the new Maruti Alto 660cc model.

The new 660cc Alto is likely to launch in late 2019. It will be a complete model replacement of the current 800cc version. Prices will remain largely the same and should start around Rs.2.6 lakh for the bare-basic model. Underpinning this car will be an all-new, lightweight platform that will make the car structurally stronger but lighter. Thanks to a lower capacity engine, the all-new Alto will offer an even higher fuel mileage. Also, a lower weight should interpret into a zippier performance. Conjectures are rife that the new Maruti Alto 660cc model will have an average mileage of as much as 30 KMPL.

It may be noted here that in spite of having over 45 % market share in India’s passenger car market, the creator has been gradually losing out in the entry-level fragment. This is mainly due to the increased competition in the form of the Renault Kwid and the Datsun RediGo. Both these models offer 800cc and 1000cc engines. While Maruti’s focus has been largely on the more premium segments, where it launched the Brezza, Baleno, S-Cross and Ignis in last few years, it now plans to come up with new strategies for the lower segment. The upcoming Maruti Alto 660cc is a major part of this plan. The new car should help the car maker reclaim the lost ground in the entry level segment. Facts are sketchy at the moment but here’s all that we could find out about the approaching Maruti Alto 660 cc model.


Maruti Alto 660cc Launch Date

It’s too early to expect Maruti to divulge the launch date. However, rumours abound that the automaker has already started working on the new-generation Alto. In all possibility, the new car will launch in the 2nd half of 2019, typically during the festive period. A festive period launch date should see the 660 cc Alto benefitting from the surge in new car sales during the auspicious period.

Maruti Alto 660cc – Price

While the present entry-level Alto offers a 0.8-litre engine, the next gen car will offer a turbocharged 660cc engine. Prices of the base model will not be too dissimilar from those of the Alto 800. The top-spec turbocharged Alto 660 cc will cost no more than Rs.4 lakh while the entry-level model will cost roughly Rs.2.6 lakh.