Mercedes-Benz teases new A-class

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Mercedes-Benz has teased a new image of its A-class hatchback, which is scheduled for a disclose next month. The image displays a darkly-lit A-class, revealing new headlights that echo those on the recently launched CLS. Underpinning the new A-class is the new MFA-2 platform, which features better use of aluminum and high-strength steel than the MFA platform on which it is based. The car features a wide and ascetically low-set grille with horizontal louvres, together with relatively thin headlamps that extend back into the front wings to provide the front end with a heavily tapered appearance. The new A-class retains the practical five-door layout of its predecessor, although it has grown dimensionally; length is up by 120mm at 4,419mm, while width increases by 16mm to around 1,796mm. It also adopts a 30mm longer wheelbase at 2,729mm.

Pegged for a debut scheduled on Feb. 2, the new A (from the front, at least) looks to sport a more mature demeanor. It appears to be more like a shrunken E-Class or CLS than the “hatchback by Mercedes” that characterized its predecessor. The new car will attempt to give the brand’s entry-level model a slightly more upmarket vib—a vibe that, in case you missed it, is carried on in the compact Benz’s cabin.

For lead-footed A-Class customers, an A45 AMG with more than 400 horsepower is expected to be available. Also set is a hot but not quite as hot A35 AMG for those who like the idea of the surely manic A45 but want something a little more available, both monetarily and performance-wise. The engine line-up for the A-class consists of the base 1.4-litre engine (codenamed M282) which is planned to come in three states of tune – 110hp in the A 140, 136hp in the A 160 and 163hp in the A 180. Above it is the 2.0-litre engine (codename M260) that is planned to deliver 191hp in the A200 and 224hp in the A250. The new M260 petrol unit also forms the basis of a new engine from AMG for the A 35 4Matic model, which gets a 48-volt electric design that allow an electric boost function and an output of 306hp along with a sturdy 409Nm of torque.