Mini introduces a new logo

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Mini has revealed a new, more efficient logo that will start seeming on the brand’s cars from March 2018. It will replace the existing logo, which found a place in all Mini models since the brand was brought back from the grave by BMW in 2001. German ownership has given the modern Mini a sense of clinical precision and simplicity. The same goes with the new logo as well. BMW says that the new Mini logo, which looks incredibly simple in today’s complicated world, has been carved to showcase a blend of many things. It says the new logo combines “an awareness of traditional values” with “the spirit of future-oriented development” and is focused on “the essentials.” Sure. To our eyes, the new logo defines nothing else other than simplicity.

As mentioned before, all Mini models that roll out their manufacturing plants from March 2018 will feature the new logo on the bonnet, tailgate, and the steering wheel hub and on the key fob. What’s worth mentioning is that we had got a glimpse of the new logo earlier this year when Mini unveiled a concept of its first all-electric model. The new logo is nearly identical to the official brand symbol which was introduced on the classic Mini in the mid-90s. At that time too, the brand name was stenciled in capital letters in the middle of the circle flanked by four wings on either side. The deliberate avoidance of the 3-dimensional shading and gray tones on the new logo is meant to carry the “clarity and authenticity” of the brand going forward. The flat look of the new logo also makes it easier for Mini to place it on more surfaces.

Mini has already featured the new logo on the Mini Electric concept car that was revealed in September at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show. It’s likely then that the new logo is also meant to mark the start of the transition into a new era for the brand, an era of electrified cars. The existing logo, on the other hand, flaunts a chrome wheel with a black background and equally glittery wings. This logo has been around for nearly 15 years now. In comparison, the new logo feels a lot simpler and less attention grabbing. BMW says that based on Mini’s history, which includes the good and not-so-good times under the control of British Motor Corporation, the new logo reflects a clear commitment to the tradition of the British brand.