Yamaha to enter the 4-wheeler segment with the launch of its small cars in Europe

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Small car from Yamaha

Motorcycle giant Yamaha will launch its small cars for the European market, sometime during 2019. As per one of the company’s official, the small cars have been introduced to meet the rising demand for energy efficient vehicles. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer had showcased a prototype electric battery car and a 1,000 cc engine at the Tokyo Motor Show, 2013.

Yamaha to launch its small car by 2019

As per a PTI report, the car is expected to come in one-liter petrol and electric variant. Yamaha is looking at building the car’s manufacturing facility in Europe to sell them in the regional market before 2020. “As small cars are already prevalent in Europe, our first car launch will be (there). But we are also studying opportunities in emerging countries,” the PTI report quoted one of the Yamaha’s officials, as saying. The report also says, Yamaha will supply its own drivetrains for the new cars targeting the European market, while some of the other parts will be outsourced for production. Though Yamaha is a motorcycle manufacturer, the company has worked with Toyota on the development of car engine since the mid-sixties. Yamaha has helped Toyota in supplying more than three million engines to Toyota during that period.

Yamaha small car's rear profile

With environmental degradation becoming a growing concern among both developed and developing countries, small yet fuel efficient small cars will see a growth in its demand in the coming years.

Yamaha small car
Yamaha to launch its small cars in 2019
Small car from Yamaha