Nissan IMx Kuro concept displayed

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Nissan has revealed the IMx Kuro today at the Geneva global Motor Show. Kuro, which means black in Japanese, comes to life on the IMx, which was first showed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017, with new look black trim and wheels, an updated grille and a new dark gray body colour. The Nissan IMx Kuro offers cues into the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s vision for changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.

The Nissan IMx Kuro also includes the integration of Nissan’s pioneering Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology. Nissan’s B2V technology is the world’s first system of its kind. By anticipating intended movement, the systems can take action – such as turning the steering wheel or slowing the car – 0.2 to 0.5 seconds faster than the driver, while remaining largely imperceptible. B2V interprets signals from the driver’s brain to assist with driving and to help the vehicle’s systems learn from the driver. “The IMx KURO zero-emission crossover concept vehicle embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility,” said Jose Munoz, Nissan’s chief performance officer. “Nissan Intelligent Mobility is Nissan’s commitment to changing the way people and cars communicate, as well as how cars interact with society in the near future and beyond.” At the core of the Nissan IMx KURO’s technological features is a future version of ProPilot that offers fully autonomous operation. When in ProPilot drive mode, the system stows the steering wheel inside the dashboard and reclines all seats, allowing the vehicles’ driver and other occupants to relax and enjoy their commute. When switched back to Manual drive mode the vehicle returns the steering wheel and seats to their original position and seamlessly transfers control back to the driver.

The Nissan IMx Kuro zero-emission concept vehicle adopts Nissan’s new electric vehicle
platform, designed for maximum efficiency. It allows the floor to be completely flat, resulting in a cavernous cabin and enhanced driving dynamics. With a low centre of gravity, the chassis delivers sharp handling that promises to redefine the crossover segment.