Renault Duster CVT petrol to be launched soon

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If there was a car that proved Renault’s stranglehold in India, it is the Renault Duster SUV. The Duster, along with Kwid mini hatch, has been the volume generator in the market. Keeping this in mind, the firm has decided to increase the product variant to a little further spot by adding an automatic transmission petrol trim to the current Duster. Speaking about this development of the trim, Sumit Sawhney said that considering the current market status, Renault India will be launching the CVT gear-box Duster soon, to bring automation there too. The nearby contestant of the SUV, which is Hyundai Creta, already has an automatic gear transmission version. Hence, the CVT Duster will bring much more competence. However, this new automatic gear transmission will be available only on the RxL and RxZ trims.


This new CVT petrol version of Renault Duster will feature the same auto box that we get in the Fluence
sedan. The current petrol variant of the Duster comes with a 1.6 liter K4M engine that makes a maximum power of 102 BHP and a peak torque of 148 Nm. Moreover, similar to the current petrol Duster, which comes with two wheel drive 2-WD drivetrain, the automatic trim will also come with a 2WD. Performance wise, Renault India promises that the automatic variant of Duster will shoot up in terms of fuel effectiveness. The CVT variant will be offering a mileage of around 14 kms per liter in compared to the 13 kms per liter of the manual trim. Renault India currently has a chains of car in the pipeline. It has Kwid Climber, Kaptur crossover and a sub-compact sedan based on the Renault Kwid. However, the most important factor Renault is more focused on is its teamwork with Mitsubishi. Nissan Group presently owns 34 per cent stake in Mitsubishi, which they bought last year.