The all-new Suzuki Swish India launch soon

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The new Swish is coming back to India with a lot more structures and a new aggressive design language However, the market share for scooters in the 125cc segment is relatively less in comparison to the 110cc segment. That said, while the Honda Activa is the undoubted frontrunner in the 110-cc segment, it is the Suzuki Access that rules the roost in terms of numbers in the 125-cc division. With the evolving market, manufacturers are looking to target the 125-cc segment. For example, Honda has recently launched the Grazia to target a much younger crowd with its sharp body lines and the tried and tested 125cc engine from the Activa 125.

To take on this challenge, reports propose that Suzuki is gearing up to launch the Swish again in the Indian market in the coming 2 months, as the Access 125 offers more family concentrated scooter subtleties, unlike the Honda Grazia. This should show to be the right move at the right time as the Swish does seem to offer a lot more appeal than it ever did before. The Suzuki Swish looks sharper, with its chiseled and angular body lines right from the front apron that now features a more Dio like headlight placed on the body instead of the handlebar. The headlamp unit consists of LED headlamps, LED DRLs and indicators. There is also a storage space behind the front apron which also houses a mobile charging point and what appears to be the fuel filler cap. The floor board also seems to be wide, with a lot of mass underneath, as the fuel filler cap is positioned on the front apron and the tank will be below the floor board. If what we are guessing is right, then the new Swish could get the largest underseat storage capacity and it could easily accommodate a full face helmet.

The side panels continue to bring the glossy design lines. The seat also appears to be long, with generous padding. The single-piece grabrail complements the design with the LED tail light unit completing the snazzy look. With no update on the performance front, the Swish is expected to be powered by the same 124cc engine that powers the Suzuki Access, churning out 8.7PS of power at 7000rpm and 10.2Nm of torque at 5000rpm. Coming to the mechanical components, suspension duties are taken care of by telescopic forks up front and dual shock absorbers at the rear. Braking power should be better on the new Swish since the front wheel comes equipped with a disc brake, while the rear continues to showcase a drum brake. Both wheels seem to be the industry standard 10-inch units.