2018 Toyota Tj Cruiser revealed before Tokyo Motor Show

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Tooyota has taken the wraps of its new SUV concept, the Toyota Tj Cruiser, before the model makes its official debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese manufacturer claims that the car has been designed “for drivers with lifestyles where work and play dovetail seamlessly.” The concept’s name comes from ‘toolbox’ and ‘joy’ (Tj) and the traditional Cruiser nameplate. Styled as a boxy angular-looking SUV, the concept features special coating used on the hood, roof and fenders to protect them against scratches and dirt, a sturdy suspension and 20-inch wheels wrapped in chunky tyres. All the seats, except for the driver’s one, can be bent down to liberate even more space on the inside. The lifestyle SUV has amply of tie-down points and deck boards that enable easy anchoring of equipment such as surfboards and cycles.

Toyota’s design chief Hirokazu Ikuma has confirmed that the Tj Cruiser concept is being evaluated for a global launch. The model has been made to gauge the interest of public attending the Tokyo motor show.

While Toyota has said little about its technical specs – which will only be unveiled when the car entrances at Tokyo – we know that the Tj Cruiser concept is based on the next-generation TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) that also underpins the new Prius and is powered by a petrol-electric hybrid engine displacing about 2.0 litres. Along with the Tj Cruiser concept that is due to launch in 2022, the Japanese automaker will also carry its all-new Century luxury sedan to the motor show.

Speaking of utility, the TJ Cruiser gets totally reclining front and back seats. The seat cushions of the front seat can be flipped forward to keep goods like vegetables and more. Toyota says that a 3-metre surfboard too can be kept in the cabin with space for 2 people. The minimal console too looks good along with the large-ish steering wheel and a Mahindra Bolero-like digital instrument cluster. While independent tech was not debated in the TJ Cruiser, expect the production car to have some level of autonomy added. Toyota says that the Toyota TJ Cruiser presently is being calculated for an early production date. India is highly likely on the list of nations that Japan will carry across the TJ Cruiser to. Of course, in due course, the SUV will be made here as well.