Japanese Govt. takes Driverless cars project seriously; calls Toyota, Honda, Nissan to discuss measures

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Japanese Govt. working towards Driverless cars

Driverless cars are certainly going to be the next big thing in the automotive industry. Leaders in both automobile and technology domains are aggressively testing their concepts of Driverless cars. Besides the big daddies in the auto sector like Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, tech giant Google have been testing their concepts of Driverless cars. In order to make their respective concepts work, they are trying their best to ensure that the Driverless cars deliver a hassle free experience and show no dependence on human guidance.

Google Driverless cars expected to hit markets by 2017-18

Now, the Japanese Government has pulled up its sleeves to deliver their offering in the field of self-driving car technology. Japan’s three big automakers- Toyota, Honda and Nissan are reported to team up with leading Japanese Electronics companies to come up with a Driverless car. “We will set up a so-called self-navigation business conference so that we can discuss what measures we need to take,” a PTI report quoted a land and transport ministry official, as saying.

According to a report on Nikkei, the government will call Toyota, Honda, Nissan and tech companies like Hitachi and Panasonic, to join the initiative to develop parts and technologies required to propel self-driving. The Japanese Government will also involve the Nagoya University and the University of Tokyo in the project, as the research institutes of these Universities will analyze all the available data.

As a part of the initial step, the carmakers will first standardize the software for self-control navigation and sensors that will help in detecting obstacles while driving. This will help in reducing production costs, says the Nikkei report. The entire process will also aim at focusing on common technologies that will be deployed for communication links that will guard the vehicle against accidents caused due to hacking.

Driverless Cars

The public sector will aid the project in terms of developing the required infrastructure. The public and private sectors are likely to invest approximately $84 million to build test courses. The Government is backing this initiative in order to support the domestic industries that have been dealing in self-driving technology. The competition of manufacturing Driverless cars has intensified globally. Japanese, Us and European automakers are working towards commercializing self-driving cars by 2020.

Japanese Government and automakers are leaving no stones unturned to be the trend setter in the field of self-driving technology. As more and more companies are taking the Driverless cars concept very seriously, we could soon see self-driving cars becoming a reality.

Japanese Govt. working towards Driverless cars