New crash norms and rules prepared for 2017

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New crash test norms for 2017

There are still around two years left for the new rules to come into action but the Government is already ready with the plan of its action. There will be some minimum frontal and side crash tests which every car has to go through and the deadline will be October, 2017 and deadline for the existing cars will be October,2019.

Pon Radhakrishnan, the Minister of State for Road transport and Highways, recently announced in the Rajya Sabha that the new crash test norms will be soon introduced in India and they will help in bringing the Indian safety Regulations to the league of those which already exist in US, Canada and other European countries.

According to a Times of India report, published recently, the new rules and regulations have been already decided upon in a high level ministry meeting held recently. The frontal crash tests will most probably be conducted at 56 kmph whereas the side crash tests will be conducted at 50 kmph.

Crash tests to be mandatory from Oct. 2017

Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport Minister, said that every car, whether expensive or cheap, big or small, has to satisfy these minimum safety regulations.

The work has been already started on providing the facilities for conducting these crash tests in India and will most certainly be in its full swing by mid 2015. There will be some instances where these cars will be tested outside India also. In such cases, there will be an administrative body under the ministry which will buy some selected products from these automobile companies and will also pay for the product.

The Ministry will also send a notification to Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program on the lines of New Car Assessment Program in other countries. There is a practice followed in developed countries wherein the car manufacturers apply for star ratings based on the safety measures of a car. The Ministry will make sure that this practice starts in India too.

Though there are still two years left for 2017 to arrive, the setting up of this foundation of introducing new safety norms is surely a good start. According to the Ministry, the new cars being made or launched will have to undergo the tests suggested by the safety norms and pass them by 2017 whereas the old or existing cars will have time till 2019 to comply with the rules. It is going to be a quite long process but its definitely a major step in improving the safety of the vehicles on roads.

Though this is bound to make cars expensive in the long run it also will give the passengers some kind of assurance and it might also result in the reduction in the huge number of road accidents which occur every year in our country.


Crash tests to be mandatory from Oct. 2017
New crash test norms for 2017