Zero to reveal DSR Black Forest electric touring motorcycle

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Electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles has introduced an electric touring bike, called the Zero DSR Black Forest Edition. The DSR Black Forest is only for the European market and promises the longest range on any electric dual sport bike. According to Zero, the new model has been “advanced to meet the growing demand of riding lovers seeking to tour on electric.” Based on Zero’s adventure styled DSR, the Black Forest Edition has a claimed range of 250 km while riding in the city and about 120 km of range on the open road.
“Our clients have been asking for a model like this for years. Riding a Zero is the most connected way to move through nature. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest extends this to new, longer, and more fun adventures,” said Zero Motorcycles European Managing Director Umberto Uccelli.

A new fast-charging system lets the Touring Zero battery to be recharged in less than one hour, offering another 150 km of range. The bike employs Zero’s new Charge Tank, which is fundamentally the fast charger, and the bike employs “the highest power and energy density battery tech in the EV industry”, Zero maintains. Riders can charge the bike using the vast and growing network of Level II charge stations available across Europe. The power plant which employs a 14.4 kWh battery, delivers 146 Nm of torque and no clutch or shifting is required from the bike, thanks to the direct drive power train.

The Black Forest has been given a full range of touring accessories including hard case panniers and top box, touring screen, comfort seat and crash bars. So far, prices and availability haven’t been announced, but Zero says the bike will be on display at dealerships from April 2018. Looks like Zero is set to become a strong player in the electric motorcycle segment in Europe.