American builders Zero launches electric adventure bike in Europe

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Zero is a US based electric two-wheeler manufacturer which recently launched the DSR Black Forest in Europe at a price of 18,785 pound sterling, which roughly translates to Rs.17.33 lakh. Zero says that there is a growing market for electric two-wheelers and more and more people would like to travel long distances on electric bikes. The DSR Black Forest is powered by Zero’s direct drive Z-force power train, which makes a total of 70 bhp and 157 Nm of peak torque. Zero claims a top speed of 164 kmph. The company claims a range of 262 kilometres at regular city speeds and 125 kilometres at higher speeds. One can also customise the performance of the bike through the Zero app, which offers other functionalities as well.

Sure that does not sound like much but Zero is also offering a range extender as an option, which then boosts the riding range to 328 kilometres in the city and 160 kilometres on the highway. The range extender is priced at 3,000 pound or Rs.2.76 lakh. The bike can charged to offer a range of 150 kilometres for every hour it is put on charge. Plus there is this optional extra charge tank, which allows the customer to hook the bike up to level two plug points, thus ensuring even quicker charge. The charge tank is priced at 2,300 pounds or Rs.2.12 lakh. In true adventure motorcycle fashion, the Zero DSR Black Forest will get luggage panniers as standard along with handlebar protectors, auxiliary LED lights and a touring windscreen as well. Deliveries of the bike will begin in April 2018.